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Tuesday, May 24
Facebook Bias? Let the Market Work - Tom Giovanetti, RealClearTech
Facebook's Subtle Empire - Ross Douthat, New York Times
6 Big Changes Coming to Android Phones - Rob Pegoraro, USA Today
How Samsung Plans to Up Their Audio Game - Ty Pendlebury, CNET
The Hidden Workforce Expanding Tesla's Factory - L. Hansen, Mercury
Hey Google, Where's the Beef? - Max Eddy, PC Magazine
Why Is the Number of US Start-Ups Falling? - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
Can Austin Still Be a Tech Hub Without Uber? - Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN
Amazon Passes Walmart as No. 2 in Electronics - Alan Wolf, TWICE
The Gig Economy Needs a New Bargain for Workers - Financial Times
7 Chinese Companies That Will Shape the Future of Tech - J. Hiner, ZD
A Day in the Life of a Music-Streaming Playlister - Stuart Dredge, Guardian
Nokia's Re-Entry Into Smartphones a Tough Call - J. Titcomb, Telegraph
What Europe Tells Us About The Future Of Data Privacy - Alan Usas, DR
The TSA Is Failing Spectacularly at Cybersecurity - Violet Blue, Engadget
Google Thinks You're Ready to Converse with Computers - Tom Simonite
Monday, May 23
Is Apple's New Store the Future of Retail? - Telegraph
The Reasons Startups Fail - Alice Truong, Quartz
A Glimpse Inside Google's VR Daydream - Guglielmo & Nieva, CNET
Can Android Wear 2.0 Replace Your Phone? - J. Carlos Bagnell, Pocketnow
Drones Aren't Planes - Kristen Thomasen, Slate
Google Home vs. Amazon Echo - Heather Kelly, CNN Money
No Silver Bullet Will Kill Cybersecurity Threats - Barb Darrow, Fortune
What the Apple vs. FBI Debacle Taught Us - Irene Ng & Mark Skilton, SA
Is America Finally Ready for Smart Guns? - Sarah Breitenbach, Pew
Beck and Erickson Are Wrong On Facebook - Ben Domenech, Federalist
What Glenn Beck Gets Right About Facebook and Bias - Will Oremus, Slate
Do You Love Music? Silicon Valley Doesnât - Jonathan Taplin, NYT
Please Don't Send Me Smart Replies - Nicole Lee, Engadget
Saturday, May 21
Wireless Charging Was Awesome. What Happened to It? - A. Doud, PN
The Problem With Google's Allo: Who's It Really For? - D. Meyer, Fortune
Android-Chrome OS Merger Actually Happening - JR Raphael, CW
Your Smartphone May Soon Be a Virtual Theater - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
Your Move, Apple - Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo
Echo and Home are Endpoints, not the Endgame - J. Dawson, Techpinions
How the Internet Affects What (and How) We Read - W. Fenton, PC Mag
Electronics Still "a Headwind" for Walmart - Alan Wolf, TWICE
Google Doubles Down on AI - Walt Mossberg, The Verge
Blockchain Goes Beyond Crypto-Currency - Olga Kharif, Bloomberg
Friday, May 20
Microsoft Has a First-Party App Problem Too - Adam Lein, Pocketnow
Facebook Has a Lot to Lose by Appearing Biased - D. Talbot, Tech Review
The iPhone 7 Is More Complex Than Previous Models - Reisinger, Fortune
Google Piles the Pressure on Apple - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet
Hardware Upgrades Offer New Opportunities - Phil Baker, Techpinions
Inside Beverly Hills' Plan For Self-Driving Shuttles - Eric Markowitz, IBT
Apple iOS Through the Ages: In Pictures - Telegraph
Google I/O 2016: Hits and Misses - Mark Spoonauer, Tom's Guide
Are You Ready for the Next Age of Crowdfunding? - Rob Marvin, PC Mag
Google Home vs. Amazon Echo. Let the Battle Begin - Brian X. Chen, NYT
The 8 Biggest New Features in Android N - Sam Byford, The Verge
Google Duo and Allo: The Death of Google Voice? - J. Carlos Bagnell, PN
There Is No Such Thing as "Public" Data - Woodrow Hartzog, Slate
Theranos' Last Defense Crumbles - Matthew Herper, Forbes
A French Billionaire Wants to Disrupt Silicon Valley - L. Bershidsky, BV
Thursday, May 19
I Hate My iPhone - Shira Ovide & Brooke Sample, Bloomberg View
The 10 Best Gadgets Under $100 - Rafi Letzter, Tech Insider
Why and How to Upgrade Your Old PC to Windows 10 - D. Gewirtz, ZD
Twitter, Trump's Trusty Weapon, Could Backfire - Farhad Manjoo, NYT
Best 3D Printers 2016 - Richard Baguley, Tom's Guide
The 10 Biggest Announcements From Google I/O 2016 - The Verge
One Android to Rule Them All? - Connie Guglielmo & Richard Nieva, CNET
Google Spaces Is a Pointless Exercise - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
The Best Fitness Trackers for 2016 - Alex Colon & Jill Duffy, PC Magazine
Nokia Phones Find a New Champion, With Android at Its Side - CNET
New Low-Priced Moto G Primed for International Stardom - Wired
Goodbye, Microsoft Lumia. Hello Surface Mobile? - Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet
Virtual Reality Brings New Life... to Desktops? - B. O'Donnell, Techpinions
This $5 Billion Software Company Has No Sales Staff - Bloomberg
What Do We Really Want Out of Facebook? - Hayley Tsukayama, WaPo
Fitness Band Faceoff: Garmin vivofit 3 vs. Fitbit Alta - James Martin, CIO
Wednesday, May 18
What's Wrong With Netflix? - Paul La Monica, CNN Money
The 10 Best Wireless Routers of 2016 - John Delaney, PC Magazine
How the Games Industry Is Rising Again - Keith Stuart, Guardian
Jack Dorsey Is Moving Too Slowly to Save Twitter - Rob Price, Biz Insider
Self-Driving Trucks May Hit the Road Before Google's Cars - Tech Review
How Intel Missed the iPhone Revolution - Jon Stokes, TechCrunch
Google Takes on Echo, Siri with "Home" and "Assistant" - CNN Money
Google's Next Major Android Hurdle - JR Raphael, Computerworld
Amazon Proves Infertile Soil for Unions, So Far - Nick Wingfield, NYT
Sorry Google, We Just Don't Want to Be Friends With You - J. Titcomb
Hell Yes: Why You Should Play Doom - Michael Andronico, Tom's Guide
Apple Is the New IBM - Matt Phillips, Quartz
Why China Doesn't Care About Privacy - Adam Minter, Bloomberg
The Poachables: 20 Players in Tech You Must Hire - S. Lazzaro, Observer
5 Myths About the Blockchain Revolution - Tapscott & Tapscott, Reuters
Apple Needs to Fast Track an iPhone Launch in India - Tim Bajarin, PCM
Does Tesla Care About Its Stock Price? - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
Tuesday, May 17
Why Chip Credit Cards Have Been Such a Flop - O. Papadimitriou, FT
Consensus Forms to Better Protect American Shoppers - Liz Garner, RCT
What to Expect at Google I/O 2016 - Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge
Vroom Is Elbowing Out the Used-Car Salesman - Jing Cao, Bloomberg
March of the Chinese Smartphones Gathers Pace - Chris Duckett, ZDNet
Blizzard May Have Another Big Hit With "Overwatch" - C. Poladian, IBT
Finally, The Internet Stops Pretending To Be TV - Oriana Schwindt, IBT
Where the Candidates Stand on Cyber Issues - Violet Blue, Engadget
Facebook Doesn't Have to Be Fair - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Can Our Bodies Handle the Hyperloop? - Nsikan Akpan, Scientific American
Donald Trump's War on Jeff Bezos and Amazon - David Goldman, CNN
When Websites Won't Take No for an Answer - Natasha Singer, NYT
Windows 10 Upgrades Getting Even More Sneaky-Pushy - CNET
The Biggest Rip-offs and Best Bargains in Consumer Tech - Techpinions
Fix the Power Grid With a Rock-Filled Train on a Hill - A. Marshall, Wired
We're Taking a Break from Slack. Here's Why - A. Jeffries, Motherboard
Monday, May 16
Moore's Law Is Dead. Now What? - Tom Simonite, MIT Technology Review
Blockchain Tech Could Reinvent the Power Grid - Fortune
Why Minecraft Is So Incredible - Ben Gilbert, Tech Insider
Best Waterproof and Water-Resistant Phones - Cherlynn Low, Tom's
Is USB Type-C Too Early? - Adam Doud, Pocketnow
How Should "Sextortion" Be Punished? - Kaveh Waddell, The Atlantic
The iPhone Is Boring, and I'm OK With That - A. Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet
Why It's So Hard to Choose an Apple Laptop - Scott Stein, CNET
Retro Tech Worth Thousands on eBay - Telegraph
The End of iTunes Music Sales Is Inevitable - Gregg Keizer, Computerworld
Who Will Own Your Data if the Tech Bubble Bursts? - K. Waddell, Atlantic
Artificial Intelligence for the Next War - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
Wireless Charging Is Actually Charging Ahead - David Talbot, Tech Review
The Consequences of an iPhone Without a Headphone Jack - ZDNet
Saturday, May 14
The Biggest Mistakes in Tech History - Telegraph
Give PC Owners Something New Already! - Carolina Milanesi, Techpinions
Instagram Ends the Nostalgia Era - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
How Microsoft Could Fix Its Windows Gaming Woes - GB Buford, PCW
Does Apple Have One More Thing Up Its Sleeve? - Verne Kopytoff, Fortune
Artificial Intelligence for the Next War - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
Twitter's Dangerous Stand on Surveillance - Bloomberg View
The Features Every Good Smartphone Needs - Adam Doud, Pocketnow
3 Big Upgrades That'd Make the iPhone Exciting Again - B. Barrett, Wired
Google Is Building a Good Gadget Business - David Goldman, CNN Money

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