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Friday, August 29
Inside Google's Secret Drone-Delivery Program - Alexis Madrigal, Atlantic
Apple Building Huge Structure for iPhone 6 Event - J. Clover, MacRumors
My Phablet Skepticism Thesis - Ben Bajarin, Techpinions
The State of the Internet is Awful - David Sessions, Patrol Magazine
How Internet of Things Will Change Data - Chloe Green, InformationAge
Scientists Raise Fish to Walk on Land - Charles Choi, CS Monitor
CEO of Angry Birds Maker Rovio Steps Down - Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch
The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship - Eric Enge, Search Engine Land
How LG Screwed Up Its webOS Acquisition - Janko Roettgers, GigaOm
The Best New Apps Are All Going iPhone-First - Andrew Chen, Newsletter
Who Apple, Google & Microsoft Should Acquire - Jan Dawson, Techpinions
Designer 3D Printing Impossible Clothes - Jordan Pearson, Motherboard
Thursday, August 28
Why the iPhone 6 Will Be Bigger Than People Think - Jon Fortt, CNBC
6 Best Alternatives to a Bigger iPhone - James O'Toole, CNNMoney
Here's Another Major iPhone 6 Change You Didn't See Coming - BGR
Linux Has Run Out of Time - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
15 Simple, Secret Windows Hacks - Brad Chacos, PC World
Sure, Nix Net Neutrality...If You Want More Healthcare.govs - Slate
Now Do You Want a $150 Kinect? Please! - Grant Brunner, ExtremeTech
Giant iPad Has Few Fans Among Tech Insiders - Jennifer Booton, MWatch
The Netflix Case Against Comcast, in 1 Chart - Peter Kafka, Re/Code
The 'Star Wars' George Lucas Doesn't Want You To See - The Atlantic
How to Waste Even More of Your Time on Twitter - Selena Larson, RW
8 Top Tips to Improve Your MacBook's Battery Life - Dan Graziano, CNET
The Amazon Fire Phone...Anything But On Fire - Tim Stenovec, Huff Post
What the Hell Has TiVo Been Up to Lately? - John McDuling, Quartz
Wednesday, August 27
Net's Darkest Places Are Easy to Access - Joseph Cox, Motherboard
This Man Thinks Nobody Should Have Privacy - C. Friedersdorf, Atlantic
Uber's Playbook for Sabotaging Lyft - Casey Newton, The Verge
The High-Tech Hunt for James Foley's Killer - Aviva Rutkin, NewScientist
Amazon Hasn't Sold That Many Fire Phones - Charles Arthur, Guardian
The Internet Is Not Getting Better for Women - Samantha Allen, Daily Dot
What Regulation Does to Your Phone Bill - Anna Bernasek, NY Times
Our Efforts to Reduce Click-Baiting - Khalid El-Arini, Facebook
Israeli Startups Are Leading the Tech World - Lois Parshley, Pop Sci
The Rise & Fall of Virtual Reality - Matthew Schnipper, The Verge
Transparent Solar Cells as Windows - Sebastian Anthony, Engadget
Why So Many People Are Watching Twitch - Kyle Orland, Ars Technica
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Tuesday, August 26
Why Amazon Paid $1B for Twitch - J. Brustein, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Click Bait & Why We Are Pawns of Social Media - Andrew Leonard, Salon
App Uses Data To Gauge Napa Quake Wake-Ups - Lauren Goode, Re/Code
Android User Tries iPhone 5 for a Month - Joshua Ho, AnandTech
How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google - Ryan Gallagher, The Intercept
Same-Day Delivery Derby Heats Up - Mike Cassidy, SiliconBeat
Murdoch Looks to SF for Tech Partnerships - Michael Carney, Pando Daily
2014 Pioneers: 35 Innovators Under 35 - MIT Technology Review
Hunting Nuclear Weapons from the Sky - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
Study: Humans Happier With Robot Overlords - Lance Ulanoff, Mashable
The New "Flying" Chinese Submarine - Terrence McCoy, Washington Post
Curiosity's Wheels Are Falling Apart - Emily Lakdawalla, Gizmodo
Monday, August 25
Theaters in China Screen Viewers' Text Messages - Amy Qin, NYT
Trash Palace: Spectacular Houses Built From Scraps - Kieron Monks, CNN
An Inmate-Designed Prison? - Shaunacy Ferro, Fast Company
Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week - Tracy Staedter, Discovery News
Tech Workers Make $291k in San Mateo - Kevin Montgomery, Valley Wag
Why Are There So Many Sinkholes in Florida? - C. Balogh, The Atlantic
The 25 Most Popular Mobile Apps in America - Dan Frommer, QZ
Predicting Amazon's Plans in Physical Retail - Jason Del Ray, Re/Code
White House Gives Up on Coders' Dress Code - Robert McMillan, Wired
Where Do Phantom Vibrations Come From? - Dan Lewis, BoingBoing
A Tech Startup To Restore Your Faith - Kevin Roose, New York Magazine
Evan Blass: King of the Leakers - BBC News
Friday, August 22
Google's Self-Driving Car Secrets - Mark Harris, Quartz
Women Outnumber Teen Boys in Gaming - Charles Pulliam-Moore, PBS
Hello, Self-Cleaning Cashmere - Corinne Lozzio, Smithsonian
Sony's Secretive New Idea Division - Mat Smith, Engadget
The Other Facebook Origin Dispute Tale - David Kravets, Ars Technica
How Much Would an Ad-Free Internet Cost? - Chris Gayomali, FC
The Top 7 Tech Trends Dominating 2014 - Jayson DeMers, Forbes
Researchers Hack Traffic Lights - Suzanne Jacobs, MIT Technology Review
Startup Buys Massive "Extreme Truck" - Kevin Montgomery, Valley Wag
Meet Sobrr, the Anti-Facebook App - Doug Gross, CNN
Curses of Tech Can Become Blessings - Rabbi Ronald Gerson, OnlineAthens
Humphry Davis and Nitrous Oxide - Mike Jay, Public Domain Review
Thursday, August 21
Let's Face It: The App "Gold Rush" Is Over - Kevin Montgomery, Valley Wag
Let's Start with a Truism: Macs Are PCs - Ed Bott, ZDNet
So Why Isn't There More App Store Competition? - Richard Nieva, CNET
The Most Brutal Comcast Call Yet: 6 Reps(!), Issues Unfixed? - BGR
Verizon's App Store? Dumbest. Idea. EVER. - Adriana Lee, ReadWrite
Why Smart People Fall for Fake News - Melissa Dahl, Slate
Get Ready for Amazon Prime Air. It's Coming - Sarah Perez, TechCrunch
Why We Still Have Bezels (But Maybe Not for Long) - Gizmodo
$10 Antenna...Why Not Try Over-the-Air TV? - Janko Roettgers, GigaOm
Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It's 1999 - Claire Cain Miller, NY Times
Is Calling from a Tablet the New Big Thing? - Arjun Kharpal, CNBC
Metaphorpalooza: "The Internet Is Like A..." - Josh Dzieza, The Verge
Nobody Wants to See Your Excessive Instagram Hashtags - Mashable
Are You Experienced? Not for This IT Job - Anonymous, InfoWorld
The Chairless Chair, an Invisible Chair That You Can Wear - CNN
Wednesday, August 20
When Technology Makes Work Worse - Anna North, New York Times
Top 10 New Car Technology Blunders - Karl Brauer, Forbes
Smart Food Could Prevent Illness - Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic
Hacking Into Traffic Lights Is Easy - Suzanne Jacobs, MIT Tech Review
10 Things You Didn't Know Your Mac Could Do - Emily Price, PopMech
Twitter Putting Strangers Into Your Timeline - Dan Frommer, Quartz
The People Behind the Dark Internet - Douglas Heaven, NewScientist
Uber Declares War on Google and Amazon - Issie Lapowsky, Wired
Can a Headband Give You Serenity? - Sally Hayden, CNN
The Next Billion-Dollar App? - Peter Diamandis, Huffington Post
Hackers Steal Records on 4.5 Million Patients - Robert Lemos, Ars Tech
It's Time to Start Fining Trolls - Seamus Condron, PC Magazine
Tuesday, August 19
How Air Conditioning Remade Modern America - Henry Grabar, Salon
Engineer of Original Apple Mouse Talks Career - Kyle Vanhemert, Wired
The Rise of 'Best of Breed' Applications - Tikue Anazodo, Medium
Kim Dotcom: Playboy to Political Firebrand - Carole Cadwalladr, Guardian
Exclusive Look at YouTube Music Key - Liam Spradlin, AndroidPolice
Google Moves to Target Kids Under 13 - A. Barr & R. Winkler, WSJ
The Most High-Tech Sports Venue Yet - Tim Bajarin, Time
The Anti-Facebook: Nextdoor - Ben Popper, The Verge
Why Hack Millions of Medical Records? - M. Riley & J. Robertson, Bloomberg
Computer Eyesight Gets a Lot More Accurate - John Markoff, NYT
Meet Google's Former Executive Chef - Alyson Shontell, BI
Keep the Gov't Away From Kill Switches - Brad Molen, Engadget

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