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Thursday, May 5
Are Smartphones Doomed to the Same Fate as PCs? - Bloomberg
What's Wrong With Apple? - Paul La Monica, CNN Money
IBM Wants Everyone to Try a Quantum Computer - John Markoff, NYT
A Treasure-Hunting Ocean Robot - Will Knight, MIT Technology Review
How Consoles Survived the Rise of the Smartphone - Helen Lewis, FT
What Happens When Your Tech Predictions Tank - A. Lafrance, Atlantic
Shocking News: People Do Lots on Their Phones - Galen Gruman, InfoWorld
Apple Should Buy Tesla and Make Elon Musk CEO - Vivek Wadhwa, MW
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Will Be Different - Rich McCormick, Verge
AdBlock Plus Now Wants You to Pay to Browse the Internet - Wired
This PC's Pop-Up Privacy Cam Is Brilliant - Mark Spoonauer, Tom's Guide
Learning About Deep Learning - Bob O'Donnell, Techpinions
The Future of Not-Driving - Emme Hall, CNET
Best Android Shortcuts You're Probably Not Using - C. Summerson, HTG
The Fingerprint: Your Phone's Biggest Vulnerability - R. Brandom, Verge
Wednesday, May 4
Why You Should Install DD-WRT on Your Router - Peter Selmeczy, RCT
Death by GPS - Greg Milner, Ars Technica
Inside the School of Hacking - David Gilbert, IBT
How the Tech Sector United Against DoJ Overreach - Nicole Neily, RCT
The Latest Bitcoin Inventor Claims Don't Add Up - Russell Brandom, Verge
The Future Disruptors: 10 Tech Start-Ups To Watch - TWICE
Media's Identity Crisis - Erin Griffith, Fortune
Do Drones Have to Be Creepy? - Jacob Brogan, Slate
The Politicians Who Control the Future of Encryption - B. Barrett, Wired
Fitbit Strives to Escape the Shadow of Apple - Brian X. Chen, NYTimes
How Important Is a Phone Warranty? - Adam Doud, Pocketnow
Apple's Uncharted Territory - Ben Bajarin, Techpinions
Here's How to Handle a Lost iPad Gracefully - Larry Dignan, ZDNet
Ransomware: A New Crime for a New Century - Karl Eisenhower, RCP
Why VR Will Not Replace Movies - David Pogue, Scientific American
The Big Spenders on R&D - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Tuesday, May 3
I'm Calling It: Social Networking Is Over - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
14 High-Tech Cities You'll Want to Call Home - Chandra Steele, PC Mag
In the New Wireless Universe, You're Finally at the Center - Cade Metz
Beyond the iPhone: Where Does Apple Go Next? - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
The Promise of 5G - Scott Moritz & Ian King, Bloomberg
Bitcoin's Creator Is Human. Get Over It. - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
The Entire Netflix History of Us - Tonya Malinowksi, New York Times
Benchmarks Never Tell the Whole Story - Vlad Savov, The Verge
Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Help Fix Bitcoin? - Will Knight, Tech Rev.
You Can't Escape Data Surveillance In America - Sarah Jeong, The Atlantic
In Praise of Email Debt Forgiveness Day - Jacob Brogan, Slate
The Future of Apps Should Be Better Apps - Anshu Sharma, TechCrunch
The Dark Side of Livestreaming: Periscoping a Rape - CNN Money
The MacBook Returns - Brian Heater, TechCrunch
Elon Musk May Go to Mars, but Would You? - Brian Bergstein, Tech Review
Monday, May 2
Has Apple Missed A Trick With iMessage? - Parmy Olson, Forbes
Best iPhone Car Accessories - David Carnoy, CNET
Why the Windows 10 Start Screen Is Growing On Me - David Gewirtz, ZD
Amazon to Step Up War With Netflix - Eugene Kim, Business Insider
Making Sense of Apple Now That Everything Has Changed - Zach Epstein
Why Facebook Could One Day Be Worth $1 Trillion - P. La Monica, CNN
How Mobile Is Changing the Way We Buy Cars - Brian Solis, WardsAuto
Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation Vue - Sherri Smith, TG
Don't Underestimate the Sleeping Giant Pinterest - M. Murgia, Telegraph
How TV Changes if the Cable Box Goes Away - Mike Orcutt, Tech Review
Detroit Has Valley Envy - David Welch & Keith Naughton, Bloomberg
Which Kindle Should You Buy? - Alex Cranz, Gizmodo
Nokia Isn't Just a Company That Used to Make Phones - K. Finley, Wired
What Beyonce's "Lemonade" Can and Can't Do for Tidal - Stephen Witt
Saturday, April 30
My Year With the Apple Watch - Michael deAgonia, Computerworld
Apple Must Compete Harder with Amazon, Google - T. Simonite, MIT TR
Theranos' Lab Problems Go Deeper Than Its Secret Tech - Nick Stockton
Comcast Boosts Broadband Data Cap - Marguerite Reardon, CNET
Google Shuts Out Competitors on Android? Hardly - Farhad Manjoo, NYT
Twitter Is a Flightless Bird - Will Oremus, Slate
The Threats AI Researchers Actually Worry About - Cecilia Tilli, Slate
Facebook's Opportunity - Jan Dawson, Techpinions
Don't Panic (For Now) About ISIS Hacking - Kaveh Waddell, The Atlantic
Taking the Stigma Out of Buying Used Electronics - Brian X. Chen, NYT
Friday, April 29
Glory Days of the $700 Smartphone Are Numbered - A. Ghoshal, TNW
Why Aren't We Talking to Our Phones More? - Adam Doud, Pocketnow
How Apple's 13-Year Growth Streak Came to an End - ZDNet
What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range)? - Will Greenwald, PC Magazine
Don't Blame Silicon Valley for Theranos - Randall Stross, New York Times
Yahoo's $8 Billion Black Hole - Max Chafkin & Brian Womack, Bloomberg
The FBI's Most-Wanted Cybercriminals - Kaveh Waddell, The Atlantic
The Apple Watch Keeps My iPhone Addiction in Check - Techpinions
When Gadgets Were King - Walt Mossberg, The Verge
10 Essential Pen-Friendly Windows Apps - Derek Walter, PC World
5 Reasons the iPhone Will Be OK, 1 Reason to Panic - Philip Michaels, TG
Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk's Wild Plan to Set AI Free - Cade Metz, Wired
How Video Games Are Saving Pro Wrestling - Daniel Van Boom, CNET
Making a Cable Merger Safe for Consumers - New York Times
Now Comes the Hard Part for Apple in China - Josh Horwitz, Quartz
Thursday, April 28
Apple, Make These 5 Products And I'll Buy Them - Mark Spoonauer, Tom's
Amazon Prime or Amazon Redline? - David Talbot, MIT Technology Review
Has Public Wi-Fi Outlived Its Usefulness? - Andy Patrizio, CIO
Nothing Twitter Is Doing Is Working - Casey Newton, The Verge
Congress Is Right to be Wary of the FCC - Joe Colangelo, RealClearTech
Calm Down, Apple and the iPhone Are Fine (for Now) - John Dvorak
Why Every Innovation Can't Be the Next iPhone - Jacob Wobbrock, RCT
There's Something Rotten in the State of Apple - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
How AMD Is Reviving Itself to Take On Intel - Agam Shah, Computerworld
Acquisitions Strangling Fitness Tracker Innovation - Mike Prospero, TG
Apple Has An iPhone 6S Problem - Brian Solomon, Forbes
How Business Can Thrive in the Digital Age - Klaus Schwab, Fortune
How Uber Conquered London - Sam Knight, Guardian
What Is 4K (Ultra HD)? - Jamie Lendino & Will Greenwald, PC Magazine
Nokia's Move into Connected Gadgets May Prove Prescient - Rachel Metz
4 Reasons You Should Buy a 4K TV - John Quain, Tom's Guide
Wednesday, April 27
Apple's iPhone 7 Problem - John Falcone, CNET
Is This How Microsoft Windows Finally Dies? - Zach Epstein, BGR
The End of Hardware? - Bob O'Donnell, Techpinions
Is Amazon Prime Still the Best Deal in Tech? - Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo
How the Smartphone Is Being Reinvented - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
Declining iPhone Sales: The End for Apple? - Juan Carlos Bagnell, PN
The Future Is the Trust Economy - Adriana Stan, TechCrunch
State of the Gadget Union - The Verge
Google, Ford, Uber Join Self-Driving Car Coalition - David Shepardson
Microsoft's Xbox One Has Gotten Better With Age - T. Seppala, Engadget
How to Use Technology to Sleep Better - Samuel Gibbs, Guardian
What We're Learning From Smartwatch Adoption - Shawn Dubravac
Why Apple Needs to Buy Dropbox - Kif Leswing, Business Insider
Amazon's Game Lockout Is Bad Sign of Things to Come - M. Honorof, TG
Apple Watch at One: A Flop? Not Exactly. - Hilary Brueck, Fortune
The Robot Revolution in Caregiving - Geoff Watts, The Atlantic
Tuesday, April 26
Future of TV Arriving Faster Than Anyone Predicted - Larry Downes, WP
Apple's Absolute Advantage Over Android - Ewan Spence, Forbes
Why You Might Want to Skip iPhone 7 and Wait for 8 - Cherlynn Low, TG
We're Stuck With Cable Boxes for Now. Let's Fix Them - B. Barrett, Wired
Facebook Isn't the Social Network Anymore - Will Oremus, Slate
Uber Wins a Major Coup for the Gig Economy - John Brandon, CW
7 Reasons People Aren't Wearing Their Apple Watch - X. Blanco, CNET
Why Java Needs to Die on Mobile Devices - Jason Perlow, ZDNet
The Rise and Fall of Theranos - Norman Paradis, Scientific American
Inside One of the World's Most Secretive iPhone Factories - Shai Oster
Microsoft & Nokia's Mobile Collapse: A Timeline - D. Cooper, Engadget
22 Apple Facts We've Learned This Week - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
Messaging Apps: 3 Things to Know - James Martin, CIO
Believe the Hype: Apple Is Building a Car - Doug Newcomb, PC Magazine
Can Facebook's Moonshots Succeed Where Google's Struggle? - CNN
Monday, April 25
Great Uses for an Old PC - Eric Griffith, PC Magazine
The 22 Best Designed Products of the Year - C. Weller & M. Willett, TI
Next Thing in Smartphones Might Be Small - Al Sacco, CIO
How the Updated MacBook Stacks Up Against Current PCs - PC World
Google Needs to Find Something Beyond Search - Richard Nieva, CNET
Are Smartphones Becoming Too Complicated? - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
Why You Shouldn't Buy a Gaming Console Right Now - M. Andronico, TG
The PC Industry's Consumer Conundrum - Tom Mainelli, Techpinions
A Look at the Apple Watch as It Turns 2 - Andrew Cunningham, Ars
10 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
Dear Europe: Google Is Not the Enemy - Bloomberg View
Next-Generation Chips Hit a Snag - I. King & E. Van Groningen, Bloomberg
Is Android Still a Toxic Hellstew? - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet
One Easy Way to Make Wikipedia Better - Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic
Why HTC May Be the Next Motorola of Android - JR Raphael, CW
How Drones Can Give a Boost to Biofuels - Christina Couch, Tech Review

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