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Tuesday, July 7
iPhone 6S: 5 Features To Be Excited About - Jay McGregor, Forbes
10 Reasons Why the iPhone Beats Android - Mark Spoonauer, Tom's Guide
Amazon 'Prime Day' Might Be Bigger Than Black Friday - J. Chew, Time
The 10 Best Tablets of 2015 - E. Kim & W. Donnell, PC Magazine
Why a Programming Language From the 50s Is Still in Use - InfoWeek
Does Microsoft Need A Flagship Lumia Smartphone? - E. Spence, Forbes
Hats Off to Web Advertising. No, Really - C. Mims, Wall Street Journal
Facial-Recognition and Privacy Concerns - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Found: A Nintendo-PlayStation Console Prototype - M. Walton, Ars
Why Microsoft Shouldn't Buy AMD - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet
Vegas to Woo Younger Crowd With Arcade-Style Games - K. Pierceall, AP
Probing the Dark Side of Google's Ad-Targeting System - Tech Review
Reddit Doing Some Soul-Searching - Mathew Ingram, Fortune
Who Is the Woman at the Heart of the Reddit Revolt? - Washington Post
Need a Social Network Free of Sin? Head to Brazil - Miriam Krule, Slate
Monday, July 6
10 Reasons Android Beats the iPhone - Avram Piltch, Tom's Guide
We've Hit the Breaking Point for the Original Internet - B. Fung, WaPo
7 Must-Have MacBook Pro Accessories for Road Warriors - ZDNet
Mozilla's Programming Language Might Be Its Savior - RW
5 Smartphones to Watch for This Year - Mikael Ricknas, Computerworld
Yes, Dick Costolo, Twitter Has Advanced Free Speech - Fortune
The 10 Best PC games of 2015 (so far) - Hayden Dingman, PC World
Lasers Now Being Used in Projectors - Geoffrey Morrison, CNET
We're Fretting Too Much About Robots - Susie Cagle, Pacific Standard
Facebook & Campbell Soup Are Trying to Read Your Mind - Bloomberg
Friday, July 3
iOS 8.4: Should You Upgrade? - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
Supersonic Airplanes and the Age of Irrational Technology - Atlantic
Streaming Music's Killer Feature: Simplicity - Lauren Goode, Re/Code
Your Guide for a DIY Security Camera - Megan Wollerton, CNET
Can Windows 10 Save Windows Phone? - Paul Rubens, CIO
Battling the Giant Data Monster - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
Could Selfies Replace Passwords? - Chuong Nguyen, TechRadar
The Spanish Town That Runs on Twitter - Jemima Kiss, Guardian
Beach Reads for Techies - Mary Pratt, Computerworld
At the Heart of Wimbledon Lies the IBM Bunker - Sebastian Anthony, Ars
Thursday, July 2
Online Advertising Poised to Collapse - Mathew Ingram, Fortune
The Latest Attempt to Kill Passwords - David Nield, ReadWrite
Word 2013 Cheat Sheet - Preston Gralla, Computerworld
The Golden Age of Post-Television - Matt Thompson, The Atlantic
Thanks Apple Music, But I'm Sticking With Spotify - J. Paul Titlow, FastCo
Apple Music: For People With No Idea What to Stream - J. Constine, TC
Leap Second Caused a Few Outages - Cade Metz, Wired
Mark Zuckerberg Has Some Predictions About the Future - MarketWatch
7 Things Twitter Needs to Fix - Matt Kapko, CIO
The Internet Is Affecting Your Memory - Andrea Peterson, Washington Post
Living With the Galaxy S6 Edge: Is the Curve Worth the Cost? - Engadget
Siri's Best Easter Eggs - Ananya Bhattacharya, CNN Money
What is DirectX 12 and Why is it Important? - Matt Klein, How To Geek
What You Need to Know About the New GarageBand - J. Parker, CNET
Rebooting the Automobile - MIT Technology Review
Wednesday, July 1
Safari Is the New Internet Explorer - Nolan Lawson, Ars Technica
How Much Do You Pay for Entertainment? - Jon Keegan, WSJ
Windows Phone Still Has a Future - Daniel Rubino, Windows Central
This Year's Best Headphones - Palladino & Smith, Tom's Guide
You Should Give Microsoft Sway a Shot - John Brandon, Computerworld
Apple Music First Impressions: Ambitious, If Not Original - The Verge
Millennials Won't Pay for Apple Music - Lauren Coleman, Daily Beast
Apple Music vs. Spotify - Eric Griffith, PC Magazine
5 of the Best Smartwatches for 2015 - Samuel Gibbs, Guardian
France Is Right to Mistrust Uber - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Driverless Pods Could Reduce Traffic Congestion - Jay Cassano, FastCo
Were the Rainbow Profile Photos Another Facebook Study? - Atlantic
Would the New ThinkPad's Bring Back What We Loved? - ZDNet
What's Blocking The $11 Trillion Internet of Things Opportunity - RW
Getting a Steam Machine? Look for Nvidia, Not AMD - C. Hoffman, PCW
Tuesday, June 30
Amazon's Alexa Could Be Revolutionary - Eric Griffith, PC Magazine
RIP Moore's Law? - Ray Blanco, Daily Reckoning
iPhone at 8: What's Next? - Chris Burns, SlashGear
El Capitan Support Shows Longevity of Apple Products - Six Colors
Can Millennials Learn in a World Full of Distractions? - The Conversation
What Washington Really Knows About the Internet of Things - Politico
Uber Fights for Us Too, Even If They Don't Mean To - J. Fox, Bloomberg
Apple Watch vs. Google Glass: The Psychology of Wearables - iMore
10 More Tech Innovations Changing Medicine - Robert Szczerba, Next Web
Instagram Needs to Get With the High-Res Times - Vlad Savov, The Verge
11 PCs Ideal For Windows 10 Upgrades - Nathan Eddy, InformationWeek
How the 'Batman: Arkham' Trilogy Changed Video Games - Tech Times
The Long History of the Fight Against Uber - Om Malik, New Yorker
Why Twitter Is Terrible - James Poulos, The Week
Is Now a Good Time to Meet Your New Virtual Assistant? - Tech Review
Monday, June 29
The Story of the Forgotten Navigation System from the 80s - FastCo
Why I'm Switching My Apple Watch for a G-Shock - Theo Priestley, Forbes
Why is Apple so Embarrassed by Games? - Alex Hern, Guardian
6 Predictions Back to the Future II Got Right - Sophie Curtis, Telegraph
The Year's Best Soundbars - W. Greenwald & J. Lendino, PC Magazine
I Watched 100 Cat Videos for Science - Charlotte Lytton, Daily Beast
How to Decide Which Streaming Music Service is Best for You - CNET
Website Owners Deserve the Right to Stay Anonymous - Y. Grauer, Slate
Are Regulators Promoting Broadband Competition? - CNET
Technology and The Evolution of Storytelling - John Lasseter, Medium
How (H)accurate Is USA's Mr. Robot? - Jordan Minor, PC Magazine
The Best Security Apps for Your Phone - Zack Whittaker, ZDNet
11 Tech Innovations Changing Medicine - Robert Szczerba, The Next Web
Inside the Sony Hack: Part 3 - Peter Elkind, Fortune
Wireless Charging's Bane: Push Notifications - Joshua Petri, Bloomberg
Saturday, June 27
The 10 Best HDTVs of 2015 - Will Greenwald, PC Magazine
You Have Not Because You Text Not - Kyle Vanhemert, Wired
The First 5 PC Games I Ever Bought - Lee Hutchinson, Ars Technica
The Tech Industry Is In Denial, But The Bubble Is About To Burst - TC
Finding Your Way Around iOS 9 - Michael deAgonia, CIO
How You'll Control Your Home With Siri - Aaron Tilley, Forbes
Pizza Hut Embraces Big Data - Larry Dignan, ZDNet
How The Witcher 3 & Arkham Knight Complement Each Other - Forbes
Uber Should Be Happy About Obamacare Decision - J. Wieczner, Fortune
How States Are Preventing City-Run Broadband - L. Miranda, ProPublica

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