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Thursday, May 28
Paul Krugman is Wrong About Technology - David Auerbach, Slate
Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 a Flop? - Jamal Carnette, Motley Fool
How Google Now Stays Personal and Avoids Creepiness - Fast Company
Silicon Valley's Eating Up Super Ritalin - Dan McCarthy, Daily Beast
You Want a Surveillance State? The IoT Is How You'll Get One - PC Mag
How Will Charter's Deal Affect Net Neutrality? - Lily Hay Newman, Slate
BlackBerry's Collapse and Canada's Tech Scene - Andrew Reid, Forbes
Inbox Zero vs. Inbox 5,000: A Unified Theory - Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic
Re/code's Sale and Life After Advertising - Katie Benner, Bloomberg View
Keeping Your Classic Tech Devices Running - J.D. Biersdorfer, NYT
Wednesday, May 27
The Text You Never Want to Get on Your iPhone - Jose Pagliery, CNN
A Murky Road Ahead for Android - Farhad Manjoo, New York Times
Mary Meeker's Stunning 2015 Presentation on the State of the Web - BI
The Internet of Things: a Surveillance State in Disguise - John Dvorak
5 Free Android Apps Will Boost Your Productivity - Kevin Tofel, ZDNet
Can Pebble's Latest Watch Do Better Than Apple's? - Scott Stein, CNET
Twenty-Four Hours...Sans Smartphone! - Adam Doud, PocketNow
Uber and Humans as a Service - Ben Bajarin, Tech.pinions
Nintendo's 1st True Online Shooter Is a Hot, Painted Mess - Ars Tech
7 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories Spotted on Google Maps - PC Magazine
5 Products in Dire Need of Updates at Google I/O - Melissa Riofrio, PCW
Tuesday, May 26
On the Insanity of US Cell Phone Plans - Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica
Could Slack Kill Work Email? - Scott Rosenberg, Medium
GoDaddy Isn't the Company You Think It Is - Cade Metz, Wired
Why the BlackBerry Storm Flopped Spectacularly - Brad Reed, BGR
BlackBerry: From 50% of the Phone Market to 1% in 5 Years - Forbes
Fitting The Apple Watch into a Relationship - Ross Miller, The Verge
Mobile Payments: Apple Pay or Just One Smart Card? - Nick Statt, CNET
What to Expect From Google's Developers' Conference - A. Oreskovic, BI
4 Ways Periscope is Shaking Up the Media - Rachel Rodriguez, CNN
The Mad Max Game: A Post-Apocalyptic GTA - Colin Campbell, Polygon
Friday, May 22
Why Is Game of War so Successful? - Ben Gilbert, Business Insider
One Year With the Surface Pro 3 - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
More iOS 9 Info Leaks - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
Buy a New PC Now or Wait for Windows 10? - Jack Schofield, Guardian
The Elevators of the Future Are Almost Here - John Brownlee, FastCo
The Top Tablets for Kids - Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
Technology and Jobs Can Coexist - Tamar Jacoby, Wall Street Journal
Finally! The House Passes a Bill About Space Mining! - Brian Fung, WaPo
What Was Your First Cell Phone? - Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
Physical Currency Use Drops in UK - Shelly Banjo, Quartz
Thursday, May 21
An Adult's Guide to Snapchat and Periscope - Kevin Sintumuang, WSJ
Java at 20: How It Changed Programming Forever - E. Harold, CIO
Amazon Echo Isn't Good. But I Want a Few More - David Gewirtz, ZDNet
3 Steps to Prevent Mobile Malware - Robert Lemos, PC World
7 Apple Watch Apps That Can Replace Your Car Keys - Computerworld
What's the Future of Brain Hacking? - Maria Konnikova, The Atlantic
Windows 10 Mobile: 5 Questions That Need Answering - InfoWeek
Will Spotify's New Features Make a Difference? - Issie Lapowsky, Wired
What Do We Know About the Apple Car So Far? - L. Poultney, TechRadar
How TomTom Is Evolving From Satnav - Sophie Curtis, Telegraph
Wednesday, May 20
5 Surprising Features Headed for Your Next Phone - Nick Heath, TechRep
The Next Apple Watch Already Sounds a Lot More Useful - Gizmodo
Windows 10: Why Upgrade to Dead-End OS? - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
4 Gmail Labs Features You Should Be Using - Michael Ansaldo, PC World
You're Going to Love the New Netflix Redesign - Zach Epstein, BGR
What's with the Guilty Pleasure of Watching Trashy TV? - Conversation
We Experimented w/ Powdered Alcohol So You Don't Have To - Wired
Top 10 Smartphones for the 1st Half of 2015 - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
Tech Boom Aimed at the Few Instead of the World - Farhad Manjoo, NYT
Is a Light Phone in Your Future? - Jimmy Rose, ExtremeTech
How Comcast Lost Friends, Its Influence and Time Warner - Fortune
Should the Internet Trust You? This Extension Will Be the Judge. - Slate
Tuesday, May 19
The Unfortunate Rise of the Phablet - Brian Rubin, ReadWrite
Why Google's Self-Driving Bubble Cars Might Catch On - Tech Review
Replacing Your Phone Battery Just Got Harder - D. Fickling, Bloomberg
An Android User Spends 2 Weeks with the iPhone - Joe Casabona
Why I'm Excited About Windows 10 - Matt Toaz, How To Geek
Has the Windows Phone App Ecosystem Improved? - D. Nield, TechRadar
Confessions of a Technophobe - Etgar Keret, New Yorker
Apple and Google to Obama: Hands Off Our Phones! - D. Goldman, CNN
An Oral History of Industrial Light & Magic - Wired
Apple-Samsung Case Highlights Design Protection Problem - WaPo
Monday, May 18
Your Boss Is Now Tracking You at Home - Rebecca Greenfield, Bloomberg
Can Windows 10 Save the PC? - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
Facebook: The Other Internet - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
Next iPhone Could Come w/ Biggest Camera Change in Years - BI
What Is the Holy Grail of Laptop Design? - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
Google's Plan to Eliminate Human Driving in 5 Years - Alex Davies, Wired

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