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Friday, April 24
Amazon Throwing Everything Against the Wall in 2015 - Andy Meek, BGR
Tech Rivals Chasing Amazon's Cloud - N. Wingfield & D. Streitfeld, NYT
Microsoft Prepping for Post-PC World - David Goldman, CNN Money
Will Windows 10 Make Its Summer Deadline? - Ed Bott, ZDNet
What's the Real Reason for Project Fi? - Jared Newman, PC World
How Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media Currency - Doug Clark, TNR
The Promise and Challenge of Making Apple Watch Games - Ars Tech
Video Games Should Be More Expensive - Erik Kain, Forbes
15 Apple Watch Apps to Download First (According to Apple) - BI
How Jay Z Caused Tidal's Hard Knock Life - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Thursday, April 23
The Cell Phone Data Scam - David Goldman, CNN Money
The Unbelievable Power of Amazon's Cloud - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
USB-C: The Cable of the Future - Brian Chen, New York Times
23 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier - PC Mag
The Fight to Save VHS - Helen O'Hara, Telegraph
Will Google's Wireless Service Be a Giant Ad Machine? - Fusion
When Smartphones Get Too Smart - Vivek Wadhwa, Washington Post
What Digital Messaging Will Look Like in 2020 - John Brandon, Inc.
Clean Up Your Android and iPhone Contacts - Joanna Stern, WSJ
Comcast-TWC Merger Looking More Doomed by the Day - Ars Tech
Wednesday, April 22
The Great Password Reset Dilemma - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Apple: Mac Security Flaw Fixed. Expert: WRONG - David Goldman, CNN
WhatsApp: How The World Will Make Calls - Cade Metz, Wired
Android, Not Search, Is Europe's Biggest Google Headache - Re/Code
Bundled Cable: The Grim Reaper Is Coming for You - Ben Popper, Verge
Will the Next Angry Birds Come Out of India? - Keith Stuart, Guardian
Netflix: A Lot More than "House of Cards" - Steve Wildstrom, Tech.pinions
Deep Inside The Pixel, The Greatest Chromebook By Far - PC World
Intel's $150 Palm-Sized PC on a Stick - Joel Santo Domingo, PC Magazine
Happy Birthday, YouTube! Send the DMCA a Gift - David Kravets, Ars
Make Mother's Day Special w/ These Portable Gifts - Justin Yu, CNET
Tuesday, April 21
Apple Watch: An Overnight Multi-Billion Dollar Business - Carl Howe
What Google's Search Update Means for Businesses - S. Edwards, Inc.
5 Ways to Automate Reptitive Outlook Tasks - JD Sartain, PC World
3 Ways to Boost Email Productivity - Laura Vanderkam, Fortune
How the Airline Industry is Using Apple - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
It's Too Soon to Judge Microsoft's Satya Nadella - Wilhelm & Miller, TC
Star Wars: Battlefront - The Quest to Capture Fan Nostalgia - Guardian
Is It An iOS-First World? - Kevin Tofel, ZDNet
5 Things to Know About Mobilegeddon - Jefferson Graham, USA Today
Wading Into the Nokia-Alcatel Morass - Kevin Kelleher, Time
Monday, April 20
One of the Best, Cheapest Phones Is Now Available to Everyone - Time
8 Great Google Maps Tips for Android and iOS - Ben Patterson, PC World
Where Windows 10 Stands Right Now - Woody Leonard, InfoWorld
In 2017, Norway Will Kill Off FM Radio - Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge
Apple's Watch Could Be Its Most Profitable Item Ever - Biz Insider
Google Smartwatches Now Let You Leave Your Phone at Home - Wired
Nokia Plots 2016 Return to Phone Market - Ina Fried, Re/Code
Inside Apple's Future iPhone Camera - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
French Lawmakers Want Google to Give Up Its Search Code - CNN
Semiconductors are Eating the World - Ben Bajarin, Tech.pinions
3 Questions on Killer Robots - Mike Orcutt, MIT Technology Review
Friday, April 17
The Town Where Wi-Fi is Forbidden - Steve Featherstone, Popular Science
How Microsoft Took Android's Future Out of Google's Hands - Wired
Will 2016 Be the Year for Wireless Charging? - Sascha Segan, PC Mag
Verizon Takes First Step Towards A La Carte Programming - CNN
Surface 3 Vs. Surface Pro 3: Picking The Right Tablet - InformationWeek
10 of the Tiniest Computers Ever - Brad Chacos, PC World
The Lawyer Taking on Uber and the On-Demand Economy - Fusion
Inside Microsoft and Yahoo's Search Deal Makeover - M. Foley, ZDNet
Why's a Lawnmower Angering Astronomers? - Krishnadev Calamur, NPR
Packing Peanuts as Batteries - Hilary Brueck, Forbes
Thursday, April 16
Why Microsoft's Surface 3 is a Game Changer - T. Green, Motley Fool
Netflix CEO: TV Had a Good Run - Jay Yarow, Business Insider
Yes, Netflix, HBO Is a Threat - Julia Greenberg, Wired
Listening To Music In An Age Of Infinite Choice - David Nield, ReadWrite
Key to Apple's Success: Quality or Hype? - A. Leather, Forbes
How Google Could Threaten the Web - Sascha Segan, PC Magazine
Hey, Eurocrats, I Like Google Shopping - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Which Cloud Service Is Best for You? - Sarah Mitroff, CNET
Celebrating 50 Years of Moore's Law - Larry Downes, Washington Post
Meerkat Learns Buzz Doesn't Always Mean Business - Bloomberg
Wednesday, April 15
Google Has Gone Certifiably Nuts - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Apple Dropped a Big Clue About a Major Product Coming in June - BI
Surface 3 Review: Smaller, Slower, Cheaper...Better? - Peter Bright, Ars
Why Is Microsoft Dismantling Windows Phone's Best Feature? - PCW
This Flat Antenna Could Finally Give Us Good Plane Wi-Fi - Wired
Would You Let the IRS Prepare Your Taxes? - Farhad Manjoo, NY Times
Who's Going to Win the Virtual Reality Race? - Briley Kenney, Overmental
Will Apple Sell Eight Million Watches? - Peter Cohan, Forbes
You'll Be Able to Rent an Apple Watch -- But Should You? - CNNMoney
EU's Three Gripes with Android: What You Need to Know - ZDNet
Tuesday, April 14
How Typing is Destroying Your Memory - Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company
Will Google Be the Next 'Uncarrier'? - Chris Smith, Boy Genius Report
Comparing the New MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air - ZDNet
Should Car Dealers Fear Uber? - Gregory Ferenstein, ReadWrite
How Corning Is Ushering in the 'Glass Age' - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
When Google and Amazon Try to Kill Your Start-up - Kevin Roose, Fusion
China's Netflix is Moving to the US via Smartphones - Cade Metz, Wired
Tech Merger Boom on the Way - A. Horowitz & S. Kupor, Business Insider
The Influence of Video Games on Pop Culture - N. Alderman, Guardian
IBM Creates Watson Health to Analyze Medical Data - Steve Lohr, NYT

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