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Tuesday, November 25
How Netflix Poisoned the Net Neutrality Debate - Larry Downes, Forbes
Mark Cuban Wants Internet Fast Lanes - Nancy Scola, Washington Post
Internet Use and Our Identities - Re/Code
Google Should Treat Glass Like Android - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Sony Paring Back Phone and TV Business - Reiji Murai, Reuters
Facebook's Auto-Play Videos in an ISIS Era - Sam Machkovech, Ars Tech
The Verge's Holiday Gift Guide - The Verge
Microsoft Hampering Smartphone Growth Potential - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
Monday, November 24
Best Black Friday Deals so Far - Shane Roberts, Gizmodo
Netflix, YouTube, Net Neutrality, and You - Gene Marks, Forbes
The Cost of Frequent App Updates - James Kendrick, ZDNet
Starbucks May Take Wireless Charging Mainstream - Adriana Lee
The Growing Demand for Budget Phones - Anick Jesdanun, AP
The FCC vs. ATT - Neal Ungerleider, FastCo
How Cloud Computing Affects Your Job - Quentin Hardy, NYT
Legacy vs. Digital Media: The Cultural Differences - Gizmodo
Thursday, November 20
The Secret Life of Passwords - Ian Urbina, NYT Magazine
Will Apple Change Music Yet Again? - John McDuling, Quartz
What is Nokia's Future? - Chris Burns, SlashGear
Using A Smartphone to Treat Mental Illness - Davey Alba, Wired
Yahoo Deal Gives New Life to Firefox, Mozilla - Steven Vaughan-Nichols
The Latest on Netflix's Data Impact - Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica
Uber's Very Bad Week - Daniel Howley, Yahoo Tech
Your E-Mail Was Hacked. Now What? - Suzanne Kantra, Time
Why Do 'Stupid' Startups Raise So Much Money? - Nir Eyal, The Next Web
Wednesday, November 19
Peter Thiel: Uber 'Most Ethically Challenged Company in Valley' - CNN
Uber's Dirty Tricks Won't Hurt It - Katie Benner, Bloomberg View
Stop Complaining About Windows 10 - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
iPhone 6: The 5 Best Reasons To Buy One - Jay McGregor, Forbes
Only 35 Days Left!: Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Ars Technica
Facebook at Work? You're Kidding, Right? - Steve Tobak, FOX Business
Google Nexus 9: Good, Not Great, Android 5.0 Tablet - Sandra Vogel, ZD
Got Lollipop? 10 Cool Things to Try with Android 5.0 - Computerworld
28 Songs for Your Holiday Travel Home - Connor Finnegan, Mashable
Here's A Better Idea Than Net Neutrality Knockoffs - The Federalist
Tuesday, November 18
Uber Exec Suggests Digging Up Dirt on Critics - Ben Smith, BuzzFeed
New OS X Update Not Solving WiFi Issues - Gregg Keizer, Computerworld
iOS 8: Apple's Buggiest Release - Christina Bonnington, Wired
Creating a Biodegradable Drone Made from Fungus - Frank Bi, Forbes
Your Smartphone is Killing Physical Currency - Evan Dashevsky, PC Mag
First Wearables, Then Smart Clothes - Toby Wolpe, ZDNet
Facebook's Bleak Future - Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic
Snapchat Now Allows Money Transfers - BBC News
Monday, November 17
Google Glass Isn't Dead... Yet - Zack Whittaker, ZDNet
AT&T Deletes Tracking Cookie Program - Julia Angwin, ProPublica
Crowdsourced Tech Support - Michael Scaturro, The Atlantic
The Web Is Not In Decline - Zachary Seward, Quartz
Facebook at Work Could Kill LinkedIn - Michael Andronico, Tom's Guide
A Bad Week for Blockbuster Games - Chris Kohler, Wired
Amazon Testing Drone Delivery? - Gareth McPherson, Cambridge News
Find Out What Google Knows About You - Julie Bort, BI
Tech Giants Push to Limit NSA Powers - Barb Darrow, GigaOm

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