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Wednesday, July 1
The iTunes Era Is Over - Will Oremus, Slate
The ONE Thing Apple Music Doesn't Have That Spotify Does - BI
Apple Music Is Off to an Excellent Start - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
'Cloud Tax' Jacks Up Netflix Bills in Chicago - Jared Newman, PC World
Why Facebook's AI Will Be "Better Than Humans" - Nick Heath, ZDNet
Fix the Cloud, or Give Up - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Solar Power Needs to Get Better. Are Perovskites the Answer? - Vox
Apple iPhone 6S Photos Have Been Leaked - Ananya Bhattacharya, CNN
Why Lasers Are the Future (of Projectors) - Geoffrey Morrison, CNET
Anonymity Box Puts You Miles Away from Your IP Address - Wired
No Internet? No Problem. Inside Cuba's Tech Revolution - Forbes
Tuesday, June 30
These Are the Battery Breakthroughs We've Been Waiting For - TG
Why PC Sticks Are a Bad Idea - John Brandon, Computerworld
Apple Music: The First Reviews Are In - Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune
Amazon Echo: Your Future Home Automation Hub - Jason Perlow, ZDNet
There is a Tech Bubble, But It's Not Like the Last One - C. Mims, WSJ
Can Bitcoin Take Advantage of the Greek Crisis? - Alex Hern, Guardian
Fitbit's OK, Despite the Apple Watch - Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg
Byte: The New Creative Tool From the Founder of Vine - Verge
Uber Ups the Ante in Driverless Car War - Dave Gershgorn, Popular Science
The First iPhone Was and Wasn't What You Think - Brian Barrett, Wired
Monday, June 29
Netflix Cord Cutting IS Biting the Cable Industry - Tech Dirt
Why AI Is the Next Tech Battleground - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
Now You Can Build Your Own Drone In Under 30 Minutes - Huff Post
How Television Won the Internet - Michael Wolff, New York Times
Have iPad Air 2, Will Travel (With a Few Caveats) - Patrick Gray, TechRep
Next-Gen Tech Could Spawn Smaller, Supercharged Batteries - PCW
Video: The Google Wearable That'll Take Healthcare by Storm - Fortune
Remembering Nuon, The Chip That Nearly Changed the World - Ars
Apple Music's Most Playful Feature May Be Its Most Crucial One - CNET
The OG Smartwatches: Casio's History of Wild Wrist Designs - Verge
Friday, June 26
A Bad Week With Windows 10 - Mark Hachman, PC World
The Top 5 Solid-State Drives - Dong Ngo, CNET
Inside the Sony Hack: Part 2 - Peter Elkind, Fortune
Microsoft Should Have Ridded Itself of Elop Sooner - S. Segan, PC Mag
7 PC Hardware Myths That Just Won't Die - Chris Hoffman, HTG
Inside India's Phablet Revolution - George Anders, MIT Tech Review
Paris Dealing With Airbnb Invasion - M. Verbergt & S. Schechner, WSJ
Wireless Charging Is So Close and Yet So Far - Dave Gershgorn, PopSci
How One Company Owns Your Entire Dating Life - A. Barinka, Bloomberg
'Expert' Reviews Have an Inflated Ratings Problem - M. Spoonauer, TG
Thursday, June 25
Surviving in the Town That Bans Wi-Fi - D. Lieberman & J. Ramos, Fusion
The Wait-for-Google-to-Do-It Strategy - James Surowiecki, Tech Review
Inside the Sony Hack - Peter Elkind, Fortune
Why Did People Hate Clippy? - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Obama's Podcast Appearance Shows Change of 'Mass' Media - ZDNet
How Tron Inspired Windows 10's Wallpaper - Liz Stinson, Wired
Rivals Are Catching Up to Dropbox - D. Bass & E. Newcomer, Bloomberg
The Tech Making Old Cars Smarter - Jonathan Gitlin, Ars Technica
Is Amazon Echo Right for You? - James Martin, CIO
How Uber Takes Over a City - Karen Weise, Bloomberg
Wednesday, June 24
Apple Just Solved the Most Annoying Thing About iOS - CNNMoney
Email Is Dead, Yet Again - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Humans Are Tech's Next Big Thing--And That Could Be Risky - Wired
My Wife Wants an Apple Watch. What's a Hater To Do? - ZDNet
The Only 2 Reasons to Buy an Apple Watch, For Now - Jason Hiner, TR
The Limitless Capability of The Next Web - Dag Kittlaus, TechCrunch
Abortion Pills Will Be Delivered by Drone This Weekend - The Verge
Yes, You Can Have Both Fast & Wireless Charging for Phones - ZDNet
The Great Cancer Test Experiment - Antonio Regalado, Technology Review
A Guide for Ditching Google Android for Apple iOS - AppAdvice
Welcome to the Dawn of the Age of Robots - Vivek Wadhwa, Huff Post
Tuesday, June 23
Hooray! Faster Computers Are on the Way! - Stephen Shankland, CNET
With Ebook Plan, Amazon Kills Literature - Chandra Steele, PC Magazine
Amazon's Pay-by-Page Policy: Smarter Than It Sounds - W. Oremus, Slate
Why 2015 is the Year of Xbox One - Michael Andronico, Tom's Guide
Galaxy S6 Plus Leaks Show Samsung Has Learned Nothing - Forbes
Wars Will Now Start Online - David Gewirtz, ZDNet
Royalties Reversal: Don't Heap Too Much Praise on Apple - Wired
We're Now Quantifying Sex. Will It Matter? - L. Alptraum, Verge
Why We Don't Trust Robots and AI - David Wagner, InformationWeek
Betrayed by Dre? - Paul Barrett, Bloomberg
Monday, June 22
Why Apple Blinked When Taylor Swift Stared Them Down - Variety
Amazon Has A New Trick Up Its Sleeve To Sell You Products - Huff Post
Apple Watch: Now the Hard Work Really Begins - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
The Future of Wireless Service Hangs on a Government Auction - CNET
17 of the Most Insane PC Mods and Cases of 2015 - Anshel Sag, PC World
Please Don't Put a Camera in the Apple Watch! - Brian Barrett, Wired
The Real Software Security Problem Is Us - Jean Yang, MIT Tech Review
Windows 10: Free For All Insiders? - Kelly Sheridan, InformationWeek
Windows Has Changed Unbelievably in 30 Years - David Goldman, CNN
Why Doctors Need Access to Our Fitness Tracker Data - Tim Bajarin, PC

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