RealClearTechnology Evening Edition

Monday, April 2
Why America Needs Apple - Ben Bajarin, Time
How the Love Affair With Apple Might End - Alice Rawsthorn, NY Times
Google Will Abandon Android - Charlie Kindel, CEK Log
How Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops Will Look - Melanie Pinola, PC World
Coolest Job in Tech: Hacker for Hire - Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Our Internet-Induced Fear Culture - Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech
iPad Is the World's Best Tablet - Donna Tapellini, Consumer Reports
Ekso Bionics Can Make Paraplegics Walk - Ted Greenwald, Fast Company
Game Consoles Will Soon Be Only for Nerds - Lore Sjoberg, Wired
Is the iPhone the Only Camera You Need? - Kevin Sintumuang, WSJ
Tuesday, April 3
Cops Colluding on Mobile Surveillance Laws - Timothy Lee, Ars Technica
Breaking: Facebook Counter-Sues Yahoo - Kara Swisher, All Things D
UK in Fear of Internet Spying Regulation - BBC News
TripAdvisor Files Antitrust Against Google - Aoife White, Bloomberg
A Sneak Peek at the Google Nexus Tablet? - Evan Blass, PocketNow
Google Loses Key Employee to Square - Dan Balaban, NFC Times
More Accounting Woes for Groupon - Felix Salmon, Reuters
Arizona to Outlaw Internet Trolling - Jared Newman, Time
How to Monetize Other People's Content - Mathew Ingram, GigaOm
A Complete History of Smartphones - Stephen Fry,
Wednesday, April 4
Here Come Tablets. Here Come Problems - Shara Tibken, Wall St. Journal
Incremental Change Wins Apple Big Gains - Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS
Is the Tech Skills Crisis Just a Myth? - Nick Heath, TechRepublic
One Year at the Helm: Q&A with Google's Larry Page - Brad Stone, BW
Larry Page's Year as Google CEO: A Look Back - R. Greenfield, The Atlantic
Creativity Tools: The Next Wave of iOS Apps? - Erica Ogg, GigaOm
Color Me Suspicious of Apple's Dominance - John Dvorak, PC Mag
Lumia 900: My Favorite Windows Phone Yet - Jessica Dolcourt, CNET
Designers, Not Engineers, Are Key at Facebook - E.B. Boyd, Fast Company
How to Create the Next Silicon Valley - Frederick Allen, Forbes
Thursday, April 5
Do We Really Need Google Goggles? - Jack Schofield, The Guardian
Forget Hollywood, Startups Need Copyright Help - Wei Dang, Venture Beat
Are We Oppressed By Technology? - Jeffrey Tucker, Laissez Faire Books
The Trouble With Nokia - Milo Yiannopoulos, The Kernel
When Cars Have Black Boxes - Willie Jones, IEEE Spectrum
Everyone Should Be Making Video Games - Joshua Kopstein, The Verge
The Rise of Stupid, Addictive Games - Sam Anderson, New York Times
Can Facebook Beat Amazon in e-Commerce? - Alistair Barr, Reuters
New iPad Underwhelms HMTL 5 Developers - John Cox, Network World
The Best Web Browser for Business? - Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
Friday, April 6
Somebody's Watching Me! Oh, It's My Phone - Stephen Lawson, PC World
The Wait Continues for a Windows Phone 'Hero' - Michael Miller, PC Mag
The Mystery of the Flying Laptop - Matt Richtel, New York Times
No Question Android Is Good for Instagram - John Paul Titlow, RWW
Apple's Security Code of Silence: A Big Problem - Larry Dignan, CNET
Will Apple Make a 7-Inch iPad? Without a Doubt - MG Siegler, TechCrunch
If an iPad and a Moleskine Had a Child... - David Zax, Technology Review
Why Startups Shouldn't Just Be for the Young - Dan Crow, GigaOm
How Do You Convert a Movie to 3D, Anyway? - David Cardinal, ExTech
The Virtuous Circle of Britain's Tech Economy - Ian Foddering, The Kernel