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Top Five Futuristic Google Projects

Google has huge ambitions that range far beyond mere Internet search. Here, CNET's Donald Bell ranks the company's top five futuristic projects. 

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This Man Is a Much Bigger Star Trek Fan Than You

There are Star Trek fans. There are Star Trek obsessives. Then there's this guy....

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Leaked Footage from Star Wars Episode VII Filming

An intrepid snoop snuck onto the Star Wars VII film set to record this footage. Enjoy....

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This Visualization of Air Traffic Over the North Atlantic Is Captivating

This visualization of all air traffic over the North Atlantic was created by air traffic service provider NATS using real-time data gathered by its computers. Via Jesus Diaz....

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This Is What Happens When You Give Google Glass to Older Folks

Enough with the kids, the FineBros have given Google Glass to the more senior amongst us. The results are just as amusing....

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Teens React to the '90s Internet

TheFineBros treat us to teenagers reacting to the 1990's Internet. The reactions are... unsurprising....

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The Daily Show vs. the Glassholes

The Daily Show explores the latest hate crime to sweep America -- discrimination against Google Glass users....

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How We React to Every Apple Announcement

Fanboys and girls should recognize this....

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